Exotics Services

Hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, birds, snakes, and lizards are some examples of common exotic pets.  Each of these species requires special care and have specific needs.  At Pioneer Animal Clinic we can see your healthy exotic pets for routine wellness exams, nail trims, beak trims, teeth trims, and discuss basic husbandry and healthcare needs.

Often times when one of these species becomes ill or injured it can be hard to tell because they are good at hiding such vulnerabilities, so if you notice something wrong with your pet you should have it seen as soon as you can.  You may contact one of the recommended referrals below if you notice signs of illness or injury.  These specialists are experienced in working with exotic pets and are the best source in our area for diagnostics and care of your exotic pet. 


Aspen Grove Veterinary Care

2633 S College Ave

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: (970) 416-0232

Aspenwing Bird & Animal Hospital

3904 W Eisenhower Blvd

Loveland, CO 80537

Phone: (970) 635-1850

Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Center

5720 Old Cheney Rd

Lincoln, NE 68516

Phone: (402) 423-9100

VCA Dublin Animal Hospital

888 Dublin Blvd

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: (719) 593-1336