Canine Breeding Services

Whether breeding and raising dogs is your business, or you have just decided that you would like to have a litter out of that great dog you love so much, Pioneer Animal Clinic can assist you with the breeding process. Know that your female must be at the appropriate time in her cycle to be inseminated for conception to occur.  With our in-house testing, we can help monitor her cycle to determine the appropriate time for breeding.  Check out the services below.  Call us with any questions you may have regarding the breeding process.

Semen collection & shipping

We can collect semen from your male dog and either inseminate the female while she is at his side or ship a cooled specimen to another clinic where the female will be inseminated.

Artificial insemination

As already mentioned, we offer side-by-side breeding, where the male dog’s semen is collected on-site and then inseminated directly into the female using a sterile pipette.

We also will accept semen shipped from a breeder of your choice.

In-house progesterone testing

Testing progesterone levels allows us to track where the female is in her cycle.  It is recommended to start this testing at the first signs of heat, which includes bloody discharge from the vulva.  This test requires a small blood sample and is ran in-house.  The results are complete in about 1 hour.  The veterinarian will interpret the results and advise you of the next step from there.

Pregnancy ultrasounds and x-rays

A dog’s gestation period is approximately 63 days. Pregnancy can be detected with ultrasound at approximately 30 days.  If you are looking to find out how many puppies your dog will be having, an x-ray can be performed after 45 days of pregnancy to show how many pups are in utero.

  • Caesarian sections
  • Post-whelping procedures
    • Tail docking
    • Dewclaws
    • Litter checks and vaccinations